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Best Albums of 2015

From hallucinogenic ambient techno to jazz-infused electronic and bold lo-fi house groovers onto unearthly deep-house gems, these are our favourite albums of 2015.

Unsound Festival 2015

The combination of obscure venue locations, sophisticated lighting design and diverse programming carved out a strong aesthetic for the festival – Unsound impressed. Big time.

Steve Hauschildt: Where All Is Fled

“Where All is Fled” is an album that sounds like it has formed from months of intricate work, deep consideration and obsessive tweaking.

Marreck: Yuda

Yuda captures a refined sense of experimentalism beneath it’s intense exterior. It sits in a unique place, somewhere between the abstract techno of the Stroboscopic Artefacts label, and the sound experiments of Beatriz Ferreyra.

Sónar 2015

Jehan Harding and Tom Durston report their experience of Sónar 2015.

Helm: Olympic Mess

‘Experimental’ music often fails to relate to any tangible experience. Compositions are marvelled at for their imagination, academic brilliance or technical wizardry, but fail to connect beyond that. With Olympic Mess, Younger has succeeded in capturing a time and a place, using murky intensity to document modern London.

Stave: After The Social EP

Stave’s ‘After The Social’ EP captures a brutal session of grim beat-rolling, focussing heavily on repetition and noise.

Torn Hawk: Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time

Using a technique he calls video mulch Wyatt blends found footage with cuts from popular films and scenes recorded by the artist himself. You could always sense an ironic approach in Wyatt’s visuals but his LP feels on the contrary – candid and emotional.

Valerio Tricoli: Miseri Lares

The focus of the album is sound, pure and simple. Both musical and non-musical sources are treated as equal objects to be manipulated into a new expression.