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Artwork Of The Year 2012

The votes are in and the winner of Artwork Of The Year 2012 is Ry & Frank Wiedemann ‎’Howling’ EP on Innervisions.

Dan Tombs

We met up with video artist Dan Tombs at the Norwich Playhouse to find out more about his early explorations in video art, his fascination with 8bit aesthetics, circuit bending and most importantly what he has planned for his show with Luke Abbott.


Earlier this year, an eponymous debut LP entitled ‘Ursprung‘ exhibited the collaborative efforts of Henrik Weber, perhaps better known as Pantha du Prince, and the producer
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Benjamin Ducroz

Benjamin Ducroz is an accomplished motion designer who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Since discovering his start-stop animations we’ve been enthralled by his intricate aesthetic
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Apparat: The Devil’s Walk – A Short Film

1. Sweet Unrest
2. Song of Los
3. Black Water
4. Goodbye
5. Candil De La Calle
6. The Soft Voices Die
7. Escape
8. Ash/Black Veil
9. A Bang in the Void
10. Your House Is My World

Wolfgang Voigt

We caught up with Wolfgang Voigt to discuss his relationship with popular culture, American Abstract Expressionism, Kompakt, his various monikers and musical projects and how he
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Strangeloop: Fields

“‘FIELDS‘ is not such much an EP as it is an evolving Audio Visual experience, an environment, that leans more in the direction of a Steve
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Mike Winkelmann is a graphic designer living and working in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA. Beeple is the pseudonym for his personal work that includes short films, live
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Andreas Preis

Andreas Preis is an illustrator, designer and digital artist from Nuremburg, Germany. His work is done by hand and he employs various agents such as fineliners,
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Seaquence is an experiment in musical composition. This flash based sequencer can be used by anyone, in fact it gets used by hundreds of people online
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