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Kero’s Clustering Imaginarium

Kero opens up about her background in illustration, her love for Xerox printed underground party flyers, her role as the in-house illustrator for Life and Death, plus her insatiable appetite for electronic music.

Portable premieres ‘Surrender’

Following our Instagram campaign last week, we are proud to premiere Portable’s stunning new music video ‘Surrender’ to celebrate the release of his new record on Live At Robert Johnson.

Pilar Zeta on her Holographic Universe

Visual artist Pilar Zeta discusses her journey in design, creating artworks for record labels and working with Jimmy Edgar, Tiga, Roosevelt, Disclosure and more. She also reveals her all time favourite artworks and offers a few tips to budding graphic designers.

Factory Floor – Shot by Jaroslav Moravec

Gabe Gurnsey, drummer of Factory Floor, talks about how the band’s lives have developed since the release of their debut album. We also sent photographer Jaroslav Moravec to the band’s now-demolished warehouse in Seven Sisters, London to capture their final week in the studio.

Oliver Jennings

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art, Oliver Jennings has produced an array of visual work for Akkord, Synkro, Mixmag and Make Me. We caught up with the London based audio-visual artist to learn about his approach to creating visuals and how he is developing his career with audio / visual agency Derelicht.

Giganta Premieres ‘This Goes On’

Ahead of the release of Giganta’s Force EP on Werkdiscs, Inverted Audio is premiering the video for “This Goes On”. Giganta also discusses the concept behind the video, her use of the glitch aesthetic and if she has plans to work further with Werkhaus, the creative arm of Werkdiscs.

Liam Roberts

Having produced visuals for Lapalux, Baths, Daedelus, Kidsuke, D/R/U/G/S and many more, we sat down with the UK based visual artist Liam Roberts to discuss his career so far and his recent signing to audio visual booking and management agency “Derelicht”.

Vinyl Artwork Of The Year 2013

The votes are in and the winner of Vinyl Artwork Of The Year 2013 is Gold Panda ‘Half of Where You Live’ released via NOTOWN Records and Ghostly International, designed by Andy Gilmore.

Howes x Sam Newell: Crease Fusion

We spoke to the producer ‘Howes’ about the video for “Crease Fusion”, a mix of analog video generators and digital effects. Howes discusses his early involvement with electronic music and concept behind the video.

Artwork Of The Year 2012

The votes are in and the winner of Artwork Of The Year 2012 is Ry & Frank Wiedemann ‎’Howling’ EP on Innervisions.

Dan Tombs

We met up with video artist Dan Tombs at the Norwich Playhouse to find out more about his early explorations in video art, his fascination with 8bit aesthetics, circuit bending and most importantly what he has planned for his show with Luke Abbott.