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Music Video: Gosheven – Well Tuned Dreams

Today we are happy to premiere Gosheven ‘Well Tuned Dreams‘ alongside an eerie video featuring apocalyptic footage of nuclear explosions (and various other graphical evidence of human madness), spaceships, children either playing or being controlled by adults.

The Long Now: An Ode to Architectural and Sonic Magnitude

This is our report of “The Long Now” hosted at Kraftwerk Berlin, a place for the enduring present, comprising over thirty hours of concerts, audio-visual installations and live electronic performances, which the public are invited to experience in many ways: be it listening, watching or even sleeping to them.


Ahead of the release of Khidja’s ‘Impossible Holiday’ EP on Hivern Discs we caught up with the Romanian duo to discuss their musical roots. For their mix the duo deploy an hours worth of unconventional tastes composed of dark ambient themes and new folk cuts mingled with cryptic samples.


Lisbon-based producer Violet is actively promoting Portuguese music through Rádio Quântica, a radio station she co-founded alongside her partner in crime Photonz. In our interview Violet discusses her subtle craft and delivers a captivating mix of acid beats, swinging house and rugged techno.

In Conversation with Marco Shuttle

Ever since witnessing his mesmeric closing set at Terraforma earlier this year, the idea of having Marco Shuttle over for an in-depth chat about his singular path and interests only grew on us as months flew by. We seized the occasion to dive with him into his recent Asia tour and discuss all production-related matters through an intimist talk.