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In Perspective: Qnete talks up his debut album ‘Play-Doh Stories’ on 777 Recordings

Comprised of material up to 3 years old, Qnete’s debut LP on 777 Recordings shines a variedly-hued light on his panchromatic house blends, weaving a singular narrative whilst exposing the breadth of his melodic talents elegantly. We caught up with Marvin to find out more about the album’s ins and outs. Listen to ‘Magic Kingdom Trance’ within.

Losoul: Island Time

It has been over 10 years since Losoul released his former ‘Care’ LP on Playhouse. Despite the decade wait Peter Kremeier is a man who consistently refines his craft and that’s why ‘Island Time’ is not a come back but rather a celebration album that showcases his honed skills and dedication to the love of music.

Ripperton: Sight Seeing

Although there is a rising sentiment that everyone and their dog is now listening to ambient, Ripperton’s ‘Sight Seeing’ LP on ESP Institute has been a constant companion for myself over the past couple of months. In a high volume, high consumption world, an album being as tenacious as ‘Sight Seeing’ is something to truly value.

Pauline Anna Strom: Trans​-​Millenia Music

Trans-Millennia Music is a collision of the personal and the universal. A record made in an apartment that documents an artist constantly striving to reach beyond the boundaries of her reality.