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Clara Moto

Clara Moto caught up with Inverted Audio ahead of her album launch in London to speak distance of the heart, Agoria, collaborations with rappers and the creative fruits that come from being outside your comfort zone.

Agoria: Impermanence

1. Kiss My Soul (ft. Kid A)
2. Souless Dreamer (ft. Seth Troxler)
3. Panta Rei
4. Simon
5. Speechless (ft. Carl Craig)
6. Grande Torino
7. Heart Beating (ft. Kid A)
8. Little Shaman (ft. Scaide)
9. Under the River
10. Libellules

Aufgang: Dulceria

1. Dulceria (Original)
2. Dulceria (Clark Remix)
3. Dulceria (Akiko Kiyam Remix)
4. Good Generation (Team Ghost Remix)