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Ghettoteknitianz EP

1. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man – Heaven Sent
2. DJ Earl – Enlightenment
3. Traxman – We Are Da Best
4. DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – R House
5. DJ Spinn – Don’t Shoot
6. DJ Manny – All I Do

DJ Diamond: Flight Muzik

1. Rep Yo Clique (Remix)
2. Speakerz ‘n’ Tonguez
3. Uh
4. Pop The Trunk
5. Horns
6. Vibe
7. Torture Rack
8. Decoded
9. Down Bitch
10. Wreckage
11. Digimon
12. Rep Yo Clique
13. Burn Dat Boy
14. Snare Fanfare
15. Go Hard
16. I Choose You

Machinedrum: Room(s)

1. She Died There
2. Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real
3. Sacred Frequency
4. U Don’t Survive
5. Come1
6. Youniverse
7. Gbye
8. The Statue
9. Lay Me Down
10. Door(s)
11. Where Did We Go Wrong?

Vezelay: Lyre EP

1. Sedative
2. Demure
3. Archetype
4. Lyre
5. Homeboy
6. Coma

Solar Bears

Solar Bears is a collaboration between electronica composer John McElheron and multi-instrumentalist Rian Trench. They met and formed at Pulse Sound Engineering School, started recording and
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Subeena: Solidify

This is an utterly sick collaboration called “Solidify” between female producer Subeena, Sa-Ra’s Om’Mas Keith and the wonderful Jamie Woon. It’s been far too long since
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Burnkane: You Know

Burnkane is a Scottish producer that I actually know very little about but these two tracks are truly something else. Think Flying Lotus and Burial fucking
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Falty DL: Bravery EP

There’s a new EP entitled Bravery from New York based producer, Falty DL. Picking up from where his brilliant debut album, Love is a Liability, left
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