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Music Video: Youngg P. – Carpathian Rave

What if Jodorowsky, Parajanov and Sergio Leone had made a film together somewhere in USSR with eggs and the mysteries of life for main subject? You’ve got your answer with this video edited by youtube’s favourite OOUKFunkyOO for Youngg P.’s Carpathian Rave, out now on Moscow-based imprint Private Persons.

Music Video: The Orb – Wireless (Leandro Fresco Mix)

Fresco’s music video for The Orb literally transports the viewer above and below the clouds, submerging you deep into an otherworldly scenario of mundane reality juxtaposed with sub-aquatic crustaceans, jelly fish and the majesty of a hungry Hippopotamus. Take a moment to switch off from whatever you are doing and let the music take hold of you.

Film Premiere: Ricardo Miranda – Inspirations and Journeys

Wondering what a day in the life of Chicago-based producer Ricardo Miranda​ is like? Cruising on his skateboard then taking the subway downtown, going for a digging session at Gramaphone Records or recording beats at Gorilla Oven Studios, Ricardo immerses us into his day-to-day routine. Deep house heads, don’t miss.

Watch the music video for Mikael Seifu ‘Zelalem (Vector of Light)’

Framing Seifu’s track’s slow and steady transformation from an austere, stripped-back opening sequence to a stunningly emotional vox-led trance, Scott & Ayles’ video rolls out a kaleidoscopic collage of elements and textures morphing in one smooth, mesmeric movement of camera. Simply breathtaking.

Visual Retrospective: Dave Huismans reflects on A Made Up Sound

Dutch producer Dave Huismans selects five label designs from his own imprint A Made Up Sound, revealing the original locations of where the photographs were captured and methods used to create the corrosive and industrial aesthetic that make up the AMUS discography.

Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri discuss Niløs audio-visual project { PILLARS }

To celebrate the release of Paul Jebanasam and Tarik Barri new audio-visual project { PILLARS } released last week via Niløs. We caught up with the them to discuss the project in-depth and unearth the intricacies behind their audio visual masterpiece. We are also proud to bring you the exclusive stream of Paul Jebansam’s 20-minute composition.

Video Premiere: DJ bwin – Mit Bonus ins Casino

OOUKFunkyOO adorns DJ bwin’s lead track ‘Mit Bonus ins Casino’ with a kaleidoscopic mishmash of thermal camera visions, acid-induced hallucinations and geometric patterns breaking out in brightly-hued digital origamis.

Watch the music video to Antenna “Primavera May” on Beats In Space

Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space imprint have shared a music video for Antenna’s ‘Primavera May’, directed by Serena Forghieri – Made up of video glitches re-arranged in scrolling mosaics of pixelated colours then superimposed over actual paintings, the pastel imagery suits the pair’s melancholic yet resilient elixir of vaporous house perfectly.

Introducing No Issue 01: The art of Guillaume de Ubéda

The designer behind Nummer’s fine artworks, Kristina posters and half of Atelier Superplus, Guillaume de Ubéda comes up with a fresh new zine series. We took the chance to sit down with the French artist as he gives us a behind-the-scenes look into this first instalment, talks up overwhelming streams of images and the art of recycling long-forgotten pictures.

Video Premiere: Mor Elian – Drum Vortex

Israeli producer Mor Elian is now back with her second instalment ‘Drum Vortex’, an alluring four-tracker featuring two original mixes and another pair of reworks courtesy of Dekmantel mainstay Joey Anderson and Exile co-founder Markus Suckut. Watch the video for the lead-track now.

Video Premiere: Morkebla – ASFR Lover

Drawing its title from sci-fi author William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy, Morkebla’s ‘Ono-Sendai Cyberspace’ is an album that operates on the fringes of futurism and nostalgia, synthesizing leftfield techno try-outs and gunmetal ambient vistas from a demiurgic perspective.

Video Premiere: Dave Saved – Let It Evolve

To accompany the release of Dave Saved’s retro-futuristic new instalment, Gang Of Ducks directed a baroque video colliding the Flemish masters’ still-life paintings and modern times’ iconic items.