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Music Video: Benedikt Frey – Dissolved Girl

Taken from Benedikt Frey’s longed-for debut album ‘Artificial’ released earlier this month via Andy Hogge’s ESP Institute, the slow-burning ‘Dissolved Girl’ got the visual treatment courtesy of film director Peter Odinzow.

Music Video: Valiska – Heavy Riser

With the release of Valiska’s fifth studio album ‘On Pause’ out now on Trouble In Utopia imprint, we caught up with Krzysztof Sujata and Francis Redman to discover more about the makings of the video and the atmosphere they have captured within it.

Music Video: Shinoby – Celestial Bliss

Continuing his ventures into the darkest fringes of techno and industrial, Shinoby recently released his debut album ‘Celestial Bliss’ via his own platform Istheway. Today the Italian producer is back with a special 2-minute trailer directed by YouTube’s fantasie rav.

Music Video: Gosheven – Well Tuned Dreams

Today we are happy to premiere Gosheven ‘Well Tuned Dreams‘ alongside an eerie video featuring apocalyptic footage of nuclear explosions (and various other graphical evidence of human madness), spaceships, children either playing or being controlled by adults.

Watch the teaser for Yann Leguay’s ‘Headcrash’ on Vlek

If Brussels-based label Vlek has made a name for itself pushing for future-ready sonics and new, unwonted forms of audio and visual expressions, their new release doesn’t depart from such transcending postulates, with French producer Yann Leguay taking the helm for a one-off symphony of hard-drive harmonics. Watch the teaser now.

Music Video: Michael Vallera – Pollen Blot

To accompany the release of the album ‘Vivid Flu’, Denovali and Vallera have had a video done for ‘Pollen Blot’, which we’re no short of glad to premiere today. Setting the dissonant synths and machinic hiss of the track into a hazy tableau of hallucinated desert visions flickering like mirages interlaced with retinal images frozen in a dazzling haze. A multisensory trip.

Music Video: Paradon’t – Chuwangk Kyuh Hay (thrd mpct)

This record is the result of intense studio sessions that took place somewhere in the Black Forest in Germany, which offered Don’t DJ and Paraklang the ideal space to delineate and take their explorations in rhythm and psychedelic ambiences a step further.

Music Video: Youngg P. – Carpathian Rave

What if Jodorowsky, Parajanov and Sergio Leone had made a film together somewhere in USSR with eggs and the mysteries of life for main subject? You’ve got your answer with this video edited by youtube’s favourite OOUKFunkyOO for Youngg P.’s Carpathian Rave, out now on Moscow-based imprint Private Persons.

Music Video: The Orb – Wireless (Leandro Fresco Mix)

Fresco’s music video for The Orb literally transports the viewer above and below the clouds, submerging you deep into an otherworldly scenario of mundane reality juxtaposed with sub-aquatic crustaceans, jelly fish and the majesty of a hungry Hippopotamus. Take a moment to switch off from whatever you are doing and let the music take hold of you.

Film Premiere: Ricardo Miranda – Inspirations and Journeys

Wondering what a day in the life of Chicago-based producer Ricardo Miranda​ is like? Cruising on his skateboard then taking the subway downtown, going for a digging session at Gramaphone Records or recording beats at Gorilla Oven Studios, Ricardo immerses us into his day-to-day routine. Deep house heads, don’t miss.

Watch the music video for Mikael Seifu ‘Zelalem (Vector of Light)’

Framing Seifu’s track’s slow and steady transformation from an austere, stripped-back opening sequence to a stunningly emotional vox-led trance, Scott & Ayles’ video rolls out a kaleidoscopic collage of elements and textures morphing in one smooth, mesmeric movement of camera. Simply breathtaking.