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The Black Dog

Like a collection of precious trinkets locked within a cabinet, The Black Dog‘s new album ‘Tranklements‘ is a collection of emotions and thoughts that founder members
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DjRum: Seven Lies

In a sense, all music is sound collage. Musicians layer discrete instruments or synths to turn disassociated fragments into a coherent whole. Unfortunately in the dance
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The Haxan Cloak

Earlier this year we met up with The Haxan Cloak aka Bobby Krilic at Hackney Downs Studios in London to discover more about his new album
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James Blake: Overgrown

1. Overgrown
2. I Am Sold
3. Life Around Here
4. Take A Fall For Me
5. Retrograde
6. DLM
7. Digital Lion
8. Voyeur
9. To The last
10. Our Love Comes Back

Dam Mantle

Ahead of his live performance this Saturday at the NOTOWN Records London showcase we caught up with Dam Mantle aka Tom Marshallsay to find out more about
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Anthony Child

For a lot of us Anthony Child is better known as Surgeon, under which he produces techno and operates his two record labels Dynamic Tension and
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Annie Hall

Annie Hall is DJ and producer originally from Madrid. She’s now based in Windsor, Canada on the border facing the Detroit skyline where she lives and
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Wesley Matsell

Having released two records over the past four years, Wesley Matsell isn’t exactly in a rush to satisfy our musical appetites. After a tip off from
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Here at Inverted Audio, we’ve been really impressed by a lot of the year’s mixes. Artists such as Gerry Read, Monokle, Darling Farah, and Blue Daisy
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