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Forest Cry

Forest Cry is a musician from Helsinki, Finland. Poignant, therapeutic melodies infused with post-dubstep elements are certainly difficult to pull off, yet Forest Cry appears to
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Aufgang: Dulceria

1. Dulceria (Original)
2. Dulceria (Clark Remix)
3. Dulceria (Akiko Kiyam Remix)
4. Good Generation (Team Ghost Remix)

Walls: Gaberdine Remixe

1. Gaberdine (Infant Mix)
2. Gaberdine (Shuffle Truffle’s Epic Stoner Mix)
3. Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Ambient Version)
4. Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Long Mix)
5. Gaberdine (Radiant Dragon Mix)


Our fourteenth exclusive IA MIX comes from Brothertiger AKA John Jagos . John produces music that is much akin to the summery chill-wave sounds of Toro
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Kenton Slash Demon

Our 12th IA mix comes from Kenton Slash Demon, otherwise known as Jonas Kenton and Silas Moldenhawer, two young gents who also form half of the
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Tigersushi More G. D. M. X

CD 1 (Easy)

1. Principles Of Geometry – Americhael
2. Poni Hoax – Antibodies (To The Bones Edit)
3. Krikor And The Hillbillies – God Will Break It All (a¦Ç la J-C Edit)
4. Panico – Anfetaminado
5. My Sister Klaus – Chateau Rouge
6. DyE – Nike
7. Freddie Mas – A Path (The lost and found mix by In Flagranti)
8. Nakion – Osaka Tom
9. K.I.M. – Meat Is Murder
10. Desmond & The Tutus – Kiss You On The Cheek (King Of Town remix)

CD 2 (Hard)

1. Principles Of Geometry – Matin
2. Nakion – XXX
3. Maestro – Devils
4. K.I.M. – Kimchi
5. Crackboy – Meduse [Click to Stream]
6. DyE – Star Vac
7. Panico – Illumination (Jackson Remix)
8. Discipline – J’ai Peur
9. Guillaume Teyssier – Russian Folk Song
10. Joakim – The Look Of Not In Love