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NSRD: Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt Feelings

Although not explicitly protest music, the very existence of NSRD was an act of defiance, their bold experimentation a franticly impassioned attempt to assert identity. Listening now, the 1980s context is not obviously apparent, but the strive for individuality comes through in amazing clarity.


We caught up for a quick-fire chat with Belgium based artist Nosedrip as he opens up on the width of the Belgium scene and gets us to discover the story behind his unique approach to music.

In Perspective: Andrei Orlov

We caught up with an unsung herald of the contemporary kosmische and synth pop scene in the person of Moscow-based producer Andrei Orlov to lift a corner of the veil on his craft, away from current trends but close to the core of a timeless genre of electronic music that continues to be a source of fascination.

Into The Depths: Cass. shares new album ‘Youth Sessions’

On his new album for the ever consistent Emotional Response, Osnabrück-based producer Cass. combines the profoundness of his most opulent ambient pieces with the sleekness of deep-house and far-reaching kosmische ascensions, not forgetting some newly-incorporated pop accents. Today we’re proud to bring you the full LP stream, exclusively through our channels.

Bernardino Femminielli: Plaisirs Américains (Greek Limited Edition)

Initially released in May, Femminielli’s sixth full-length ‘Plaisirs Américains’ was recently re-issued in a one-off, buy-it-or-miss-it edition featuring two new unreleased tracks. Driven by a carefree, deliberately obscene attitude, the Montreal-based artist keeps on carving out his own lane, delivering yet another tight-laced symphony of hypnotic, unsettling lullabies.

Motion Graphics: Avoiding Sentimentality and Nostalgia

Following the release of Motion Graphics debut self-titled album via Domino Records we caught up with the NYC based producer over Skype to discover more about his album writing process and how day-to-day technology interface sounds, device notifications and even the sound of household appliances have helped shape his album.

Michal Turtle: Phantoms Of Dreamland

Following their hugely successful 12″ released last year – a sublime slab of proto-house and a fine reintroduction to Turtle’s music – ‘Are You Psychic?’ – the eighties synth exponents of Music From Memory are back with a full-length of unreleased Turtle tracks.

The Pilotwings

Lyon-based production duo “The Pilotwings” lay down a kaleidoscopic mix lacing unhinged synth blast-offs, easternmost melodic tropes and ’80s oddball groovers and lift the veil on their boundless scope of influences, “Brothers From Different Mothers” debuts and their studio voodoo.